About Our Service

Criminaldatabase.org was founded in 2015 based on the need for more complete criminal record searches and better data to protect your family, friends, co-workers and investments. We strongly believe the public and businesses of all sizes deserve the highest quality data possible at affordable pricing. Our database offers access to over 500 million and growing detailed records nationally. Along with access to the National Sex Offender Database.

  • Easy to use: Our platform and service is very user friendly, you are able to some reports in seconds depending on the data provided.
  • Affordable: Some companies in our industry chose to make pricing confusing and hard to ermine the true cost. We offer a very competitive monthly fee to run as many searches as you need.
  • Quality of Data: Our Database is custom to incorporate National, State and Local criminal records and constantly maintained for the most accurate information in the industry.

It’s so easy to get started. You could be running people searches instantly, and our award-winning service team is here to answer any questions.

Criminal Records

Our criminal record database searches through hundreds of millions of National, State, and Local criminal records to provide the most complete information possible

Sex Offender Database

All criminal reports include all registered sex offenders in the specified area you are searching. You can view details and mugshots of nearby sex offenders.

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