Arrest Records

An arrest record is going to have information about an arrest and of any related detention or confinement incident from a law enforcement agency. With an arrest record you can see whether someone is apprehended, questioned, taken into detention or custody, arrested, charged with, or tried for any particular offense. You will see whether the suspected act was:

  • Business related.
  • Drug or alcohol related.
  • Had to do with theft or robbery.
  • Violent in nature.
  • raffic related.

Difference between an arrest records search and criminal conviction search

A conviction is very much different from an arrest. While the person may have been arrested, they could be found innocent of a crime. Someone has not necessarily committed a crime if they have been arrested. It does show that a member of law enforcement suspected them of a crime. Especially if you are doing a background check on yourself, it might be a good idea to check whether your information shows up on an arrest records search. That way, you could preemptively discuss the matter or at least not be caught by surprise during an interview.

If you want to know whether someone still has pending charges or has been arrested in the past, you can use the arrest records search at to find this information. This is going to tell you more about a potential applicant and will help you make smart decisions in the future.

Keeping up-to-date

With more than 12,000,000 million arrests yearly throughout the country, it is important that you continually have access to the latest information. At we make sure that we update our database continuously. That way, you have access to the latest arrest records search that will show the pertinent information about your candidate.