Criminal Records

When you look over someone’s criminal record, you are looking over the individual's comprehensive criminal history in a public report. This report is going to tell you about all non-expunged criminal arrests and violations that have been processed through the criminal court system. This also includes moving traffic violations. A criminal records search can include everything ranging from charges where the individual has been acquitted to convictions and arrests.

The traditional difficulty with criminal records

One of the benefits of an automated criminal records search as offers is the fact that it combines the different databases. Criminal records are maintained on a regional level by specialized law enforcement agencies, sheriff offices, and regional police departments. These criminal records are maintained at a state level by correctional agencies, highway patrol, and state police.

At, we compile a criminal records search across county, state, and federal government agencies. You want to make sure that the information found on your criminal records search is never incomplete or inaccurate. By updating our information continuously, you always have access to the latest information.

Peace of mind

When it comes to trusting someone, it is always a good idea to go with your gut instinct. However, our criminal records search gives you a good start point. Our criminal records search in combination with your own natural instinct is going to help you surround yourself with people that you are comfortable to be around.