If you have a question about our background checks, we have answers. Whether you have specific questions about our background check service or just want general information about background checks, we have written down a number of the most frequently asked questions.

Why do a background check?

A background check is more than a simple criminal history. It can reveal criminal records, but also delves into employment history, education history, references, and civil records. A background check is a great way to help prospective hires or new acquaintances to determine that someone is in fact who they claim to be. They are not there because you do not trust someone, they are there to protect yourself, your company, employees, or family.

What is in a background check?

A background check is going to determine the background of the person you are searching for. This might include criminal records, but can also include employment history, education history, motor vehicle and license record checks, and credit history.

What is an employment background check?

While a resume and an interview are going to tell someone a great deal about a candidate, an employment background check is going to reveal whether what they are saying is accurate. While there are a few variations available, common employment background checks are going to include criminal records, reviews of social media accounts, references, and work status validation. They could include additional financial information, a physical evaluation, and a drug test.

How long does it take to complete a background check?

Depending on both the scope and nature of your background check, a background check can take between 2 and 4 days to be completed. However. This is dependent on certain external factors. These include potential drug testing, holidays, or a difficulty in contacting former educational institutions and employers.

What is the cost to run a background check?

At CriminalDatabase.org, we believe that you should be able to get access to the information that you need for a good hire, without having to break the bank. That is why you only pay a single monthly fee that is going to help you do as many searches as you want. Why work with other searches that force you to limit yourself?

Does a felony ever leave my record?

A felon charge is going to remain on your record forever. You can only have a felony stricken from your record through a strict process called expungement. Oftentimes felonies are reserved for the most violent crimes, including offenses such as armed robbery, fraud, arson, and murder. The crime is deemed serious enough to warrant staying on a record permanently when someone is convicted of a felony.

How can you prepare for a background check?

If you want to make sure that you speed up a background check, it is possible to get a copy of your criminal records, credit report, and employer references. By making sure that your educational institution and your professional references are ready to assist with the process, you can actually speed up your background check.

Why would I run a personal background check?

Perhaps you want to know what information is available online. While knowing it is not necessarily going to reduce the inevitable discussion of a conviction, knowing exactly what type of information is available to someone is going to be tremendously beneficial. It is also going to give you a chance to prepare for tough questions or even stay abreast of possible identity theft issues.

Are there ever mistakes in a background check?

Because creating, compiling, searching and reporting on the information in a background check it done by a human, it is always possible to have a mistake. This is why it is important to give someone a chance to review negative information, and if possible, run their own personal background check beforehand to make sure that there are no mistakes or mistaken identity.